Current performances

The Elfin Knight

Suzanne and Jake perform a blend of Storytelling with Music and Song.

On her sister’s wedding day, Mary wonders if it will ever be her turn to get married. But does she really want a husband, or is it a TRUE LOVER she requires? Maybe Auntie has the answers…

Inspired by a familiar 16th century ballad, "The Elfin Knight" is a performance of 45 minutes and can be accompanied by other songs and other stories, and tailored to your requirements.

Suitable for young adults and older.

A Little Bird Told Me

From the tiniest Wren to the most the colourful Crow, every bird has a story, or is part of one!

Suitable for all ages, Family storytelling session, can include a craft.

do you believe in dragons

Are they creatures of Myth, or do they really exist?

Where are they now?

Are they really the sheep-grabbing, village-destroying lizards of the old tales?

Find out with DRAGON TELLER Suzanne Tumnus

Suitable for all ages, Family storytelling session.

Tales from the not so deep

The Ocean has many tales to tell, but what about the ponds, lakes and rivers that ripple across the land?

From ancient cities below the water to creatures from the murky depths, Suzanne Tumnus brings the stories to the surface to be shared before they disappear again down below.

Suitable for ages 8+, Family storytelling session.

The Land of Giants

They built the hills, they dug out the rivers, they threw stones and spent a lot of time looking after their beards! Join Suzanne Tumnus for Legends, Stories and Facts about the Giants of Britain, which is truly . . . . . . . . . . . The Land of Giants

Suitable for all ages, Family storytelling session.

Especially suitable for schools/educational sessions.