Where Dragons Lead

Where Dragons lead

A quest to find the hidden and forgotten stories of the landscape of the Clee Hills.

Three Artists; Suzanne and Jake Thomas and Jo Halden walked along footpaths, stood in fields, blasted by cold winds and followed by rainbows.

They peered with wonder at the maps, books and documents of Shropshire Archives, and interpreted what they found there in visual art, song and story.

They intended to share it with the community and beyond in person, in local venues and on “out in the fields” events. A booklet and CD was to be made to accompany the project

Then Lockdown happened. We stayed in. The plan was changed.

We made a series of short films, and posted them on our YouTube Channel and we produced the Booklet and CD.

Where Dragons Lead Book and CD

Booklet and CD £12.00 plus £2.50 P&P

If you’d like a copy please email me at

[email protected]

for more info and payment options.

Supported by National Lottery Arts Council Funding.

Jo Halden’s fabulous work can be found here: Jo Halden

More information about the Arts Council can be found here: Arts Council